Tommy BamBam Goolsby

Georgia President/ S E Regional Pastor

in 1976, Tommy BamBam Goolsby was patched into the outlaws MC. He was a person looking for acceptance and found it in the Brotherhood of the American Outlaw Association. in 1981 he was appointed to national enforcer and that led to him being placed on the FBI's most wanted list in 1988. in 1990, he was captured and in 1992 he was charged on state charges. in 1993, he was sentenced to 180 years required by law to serve 160 years before becoming eligible for parole. however God had different plans and in 2008 he was released from prison a changed and different person because he had an encounter with God on 08/08/1998. if you would like to have him come to your church contact him at (678)381-7816

Chris Guice

N Georgia President

Mark Loden

Central Georgia Vice President


North Georgia Vice President